Power Loss Reduction

Power Loss Reduction

Part of the energy produced in power plants is lost on the way to the consumer in transmission and distribution networks. This energy loss in addition to heavy financial losses and damages to the network equipment, also results in a voltage drop, which reduces the quality of power delivered to the consumers. Most of these losses happen in distribution networks and therefore providing solution for reducing losses in the field of distribution networks is important. Since the important goals of loss reduction projects are saving the national capital and reducing financial losses, designs proposed in these projects will be economic and efficient with optimum ROI.

Most important strategies for reducing losses are as follows:



  • Feeder rearrangement
  • Improving the capacity of distribution transformers proportional to their load
  • Reactive power compensation by installing capacitors
  • Using energy-saving light bulbs instead of regular light bulbs
  • Replacing worn-out network equipment such as transformers, lines, etc.
  • Increasing cross-section of lines
  • Maintaining load symmetry in three phases of the low voltage network
  • Improving power quality and reducing harmonics
  • Using DGs




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