Electricity Market

Electricity Market

Electricity plays a significant role in our lives these days. Producing, transmitting and distributing electricity is costly and needs heavy infrastructure.  In Iran, back when the only use for electricity was lighting, the private sector used to produce electrical energy. But as the use of electricity was increased, the government took over the responsibility. Since then the production, transmission and distribution of electrical energy is monopolized by the government and all the investments, decisions and pricing of the energy is entrusted to the related government agencies.

However, during the last three decades, as the request for electrical energy has increased and the government has been failing to produce enough electrical energy with the reliability needed, the need for investment from the private sector in this field is obvious. The government has started to incentivize the private sector investment in distributed generation. Still the inherent restrictions of power systems make it difficult for private sector to enter this field and such investments require careful economical and technical considerations. BCE is ready to assess and study these situation and estimate the investment risks of such endeavors.



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